Sugar Shack VB

This morning was cool and windy. With all of the stress happening around us, we needed a sweet escape. (Thanks for those who have asked; my dad still isn't doing great, but we are trying to stay hopeful.) I had heard that the Sugar Shack had a kids' room... I'll be honest- from their Facebook where they called a mom out for leaving it a mess. A little controversial, but hey, respect. I get it! It's not fair for their employees or the other families. My friend Christine accompanied R and me while Neil was on a cold, early morning fishing trip. 

The Sugar Shack is a small batch bakery based out of Richmond. They have a few locations, but the owner lives and works out of Richmond. They offer several vegan options, and all of their dough is vegan. We got the Butterfinger, the Babe Ruth, and the Sea Salt Carmel. R liked everything. By that I mean, he shoved everything into his mouth constantly. When I tried putting them away, he would open the box back up! 

The kids' room is a small enclosed room with books, a coloring table, and some toys. Heads up: no food allowed in the room. There is carpet in there, so that's probably why. I really liked that it was enclosed to keep R in a cage. He's a runner! 

  • Check their Facebook; they regularly have specials where you can get a free house donut. Like I always say... if it's free, it's for me! 
  • There is no changing table! I thought this was strange from somewhere with a room for kids. I did ask the employees and they said that they were planning on getting one soon. Let's hope that's coming! 
  • We went Saturday morning around 10. There were no actual empty chairs inside, only stools at a long table which I knew R couldn't sit at. We ended up sitting outside. It was okay since R could run around. 
  • This is a great place to meet a friend. It was awesome because R could run around while we sipped and snacked. We were able to chat because R was occupied. 
  • They sell onesies and t-shirts for kids. 
Their flavors change regularly, so be on the lookout for new ones! We plan to go back one day when Neil can come too. Maybe a rainy day when we need to get out of the house! What's your favorite donut flavor or place?