NPL: Toddler Time

By now I'm sure everyone knows how much we love Norfolk Public Library. I've talked about different classes that we have attended and some that we attend regularly. While we still go to the baby classes, we have started to also go to Toddler Time classes. As you can see, R went straight for the trucks, per the usual. Anything that has wheels is right up his alley! Most of the NPL sites have this class, so if you're looking for something to do, check it out! Click here for their list of classes.

We have been to different locations, but go to the Pretlow library regularly. The man who leads the class is the same one who does the Tiny Tot Gymboree among other things. He was great with the kids, who climbed in his lap, all over him, and fought to be closest to him. The class consisted of 15 minutes of singing and dancing, 15 minutes of story (which R has only recently started to listen to), 15 minutes of parachutes and movement, and another 15 of crafts/ toys. When we first started, the crafts were a little too old for R, but now he has the hang of it and is more into them.

The book in the photo above was about monkeys and R is totally rocking this little monkey hat. I can't get over how cute he is in it! He even wore it for the rest of the day! Also, these paci pics were pre me being the mean mama and taking it away! R has so many crafts, that we had to hang this little board to display them all. It has little strings and clips, but we have so many that they are starting to hang off everywhere! 
There was a Halloween event where everyone brought a snack to share and the kids dressed up. It was adorable. At other classes, they have done other crafts, some a little too old, some not. (Remember though, that we are technically too young than the target age group!) R has started to really warm up to the parachute and the songs. Still, the trucks are his favorites. Since school started, R's grandparents take him. I love this shot of he and his Gramps with the trucks. 

All classes run from 10:30-11:30 at the following locations: 

Toddler Time: 
Monday- Pretlow 
Tuesday- Van Wyck 
Wednesday- Larchmont Branch 
Thursday- Slover 
Friday- Pretlow 

Check out my post on 1-2-3 Play With Me here. It's also for toddlers! 
1-2-3 Play With Me:
Tuesday- Slover 
Wednesday- Little Creek 
Saturday- Pretlow 

Now that it is cold outside, we are always looking for more indoor things to do. This is a great one because it gets out energy, has an education aspect, includes songs and art, and gives him a social outlet. We love Norfolk Public Library!