1-2-3 Play with Me

This morning we attended 1-2-3 Play with Me at the Pretlow Library in Ocean View. I've been looking for more social things for big R to do. This was the second session of classes, which will run from now through the month of November. I've written about the Ocean View library before and how much we love it, so we were excited to try one more thing there. We arrived a few minutes early, but were welcomed in. There were toys EVERYWHERE. There was a section for infants, a musical section, gross motor skills with cars and things to ride on, puzzles, books, a kitchen... everything.

In talking with the woman running the show, I learned that it is typical for these sessions to run every Saturday for three months on, and three months off. Some of the other libraries will do these classes on and off also to change things up.
R got tired and we headed out a little early, but I was told that at 11:30 they sing a few clean up songs to help put the room back together, and sit in a circle to sing a goodbye song. I did miss the typical songs and circle time that I was used to this summer from other classes, but I understand the need to mix things up. It's hard going back to school (work); I feel like I miss everything!

If you're looking for something easy to do on a Saturday morning, consider checking this out. Best part? R got to hang with some other kids and build his social skills.
I snagged these five tips to encourage clean-up:
01. Give advanced warning
02. Play eye spy (Can you find the bears and put them in this bucket?!)
03. Put away the old before starting the new
04. How fast can you clean up?
05. Show them how it's done

For a list of upcoming events at this library, click here. I'm really excited about the Disney Breakfast and the Dreidel Hunt in December.

And a pic of R and me, just for good measure! His hair is insane, I have got to get it cut but I can't stand to do it!