Million Bulb Walk

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For the first time ever, we attended the Norfolk Botanical Gardens Million Bulb Walk. The walk is open from 4-9 daily Nov 10th-30th. This means that if you want to go, you better get on the ball. (Or bulb.... heh heh heh)

We arrived at 4:30 and you can see from our pictures how quickly it got dark. At the beginning is a little food trailer. Hot chocolate was a necessity for us. You can see the options below. The displays go through a water section as a tribute to the coastal Virginia region, the seasons, and then some holiday arrangements.

The trail is over a mile long, but we did a slow walk and it didn't feel too long. R liked winter best, and got out of the stroller to run around and try to catch the lights projected on the floor. He ran from winter on, then turned around and ran almost the entire way back. Keeping up with him was harder than you'd think. This boy doesn't walk- he RUNS.


  • Heads up, do what we did- arrive early. As we were leaving we heard on the radios that they were only letting in ten more people. We stayed about 2 hours and walked it through and back. There was a  shuttle available at the end to take people back to the parking lot if they chose that route. 
  • Buy your ticket online to avoid the ticket line. Just note: tickets are NOT refundable.
  • There are discounts for garden members and military. Check online. 
  • When you go under the big tree in winter, stop and look up! Super cool view. 
  • Dress warm! It was so much colder coming back than going in. We were all snuggled up towards the end 
  • Don't miss the Photo Booth! It's over by the butterfly garden. 
  • Check out our other post on Botanical Gardens here
  • For a group of Jewish girls, we were bummed not to see ANY Hanukkah stuff. Hoping to see some next year! 
R ended up having a lot more fun than I expected. He was way more into running around and seeing the lights than I expected him to be. Driving the lights is awesome, and you pay by car, but I liked walking because it let us take the time that we needed in each section, let us take pictures, and because we could walk it coming both ways. Also, the extra steps helps after a big Thanksgiving weekend!

** We are going to feature some houses with awesome lights to drive around to. If you have a favorite house, please comment on our Facebook post and let us know!