Pumpkin Patch: Norfolk Farm Market

It might be 85 degrees out and super humid, but it is technically fall. That means it was time to take big R to his first pumpkin patch. We chose to take him to the Norfolk Farm Market on Little Creek Road. (Behind the McDonalds). They are open from October 1st-December 25th and sell pumpkins and christmas trees. Hours are from 9:00 am-9:00 p.m. Hayrides are FREE on the weekend.

On one side they had these cool big puzzle things. R mostly liked trying to step on them. They also had cornhole which was cool. The farm mood was set with some country music playing, complete with a banjo. (Check the playlist below to get in the right mood.) 

We took the chance to snag a picture in this perfect photo opportunity. 

One thing I didn't know, they sell flowers, bales of hay, and all kinds of pumpkins. Their regular orange halloween pumpkins are $.60 a pound. 

In addition to the flower area, they have an inside area where they sell Halloween items and pumpkin accessories. Do I need light up teeth that stick in my pumpkin? Maybe!

I've seen on Facebook where they have pumpkin carving demonstrations, but there wasn't one going on while we were there. This is a cute little place to spend some time. It's not as big as some of the large markets, but we liked the lack of the huge crowds and the laid back atmosphere. The people were helpful and not pushy- which I appreciate. They also didn't mind that R ran around and touched like... all the pumpkins. But really... he tried to pick up one that was about as big as his body. 

In other news, if you are a Halloween fan, and love Hocus Pocus too, check out this company that makes Hocus Pocus themed bath products. *Swoon!*