MallOWEEN on the BOOulevard

I posted about all of the events for kids at Pembroke Mall a while back, and today we attended MallOWEEN on the BOOulevard. Press play while you read.
We met up with some friends which was awesome. When we first arrived we colored a pumpkin that they lated turned into a button for us- cute. We also made a little door hanger craft.

We checked out the bounce houses, obstacle courses, and some games. 

We tried the pony ride... as you can see, R wasn't into it. At least we tried? 

Then we went over to the Mad Science table, which was cool. I plan on checking them out to see what their in house field trips are like for my third graders. I did hear the man say that he do birthday parties. 

The highlight for R was the petting zoo. Not sure if he thought that the goats were dogs, but he was petting them. Funniest part.. at one point a sheep got loose and everyone was running around trying to grab it. Ha! 

Fall is so awesome because there are SO many things to do. After this morning, R came home and crashed with a 3 hour nap. There is another one of these next Saturday from 11-2. We had lunch at the food trucks, and if I were to go again I'd eat less so I could have Ritas too. There is a costume contest for kids with a $100.00 prize. If you decide to check it out next weekend, let us know what you think!