Pretlow Library Playscape

I know that I've said before how much we love the library, but I'll say it again for the people in the back... the library is amazing. The Pretlow library in Ocean View has an entire floor for the little ones. One side is called the Playscape, which is designed just for kids 0-3 years old.

I love this area because so many places are overrun by well meaning larger kids who often forget that they were once a little kid crawling around on the floor. And the librarians are vigilant about asking older children to leave the area, especially if they are unattended by a parent.
All of the things inside the playscape are soft. There are things to crawl on, over, in, and down. There are also mirrors for kids to watch themselves, which R thinks is hilarious. He likes taking the blocks and using the velcro to stick them to the walls. 

As usual, a few heads up tips:

  1. The library doesn't open until 10:00 most days, and not until 1:00 on Sundays.
  2. They are adamant about not allowing food, drinks, or cell phones.
  3. Pick up a calendar from the front desk and be on the lookout for the Babygarten, Toddler Time, or 1-2-3 play with me classes. There are also Tiny Tot Gymboree dances on some weekends. 
  4. If you have older kids this floor is for them too! There are play kitchens, lego tables, books for all ages, and a computer station for kids. There are all kinds of baby, toddler, preschool, school aged, and teen events at the library also. 
  5. During the summer there are several places in Norfolk that offer a free lunch for children under                 the age of 18. The Pretlow Library does this from 12:00-1:00 every weekday all summer long.
  6. Slover Library has a playscape also. If this is closer to you, check it out!
  7. Be sure to check out all of the classes that they offer, here!
Perfect for a rainy or cold day, or for a break from the outdoors during the summer. We love this library and will be back many more days as the weather starts getting cold- well, if it ever does!

Some upcoming Norfolk Public Library Events:

  • Fright Club- Wednesdays in October 5:39 at Slover 
  • Bat Decorating- October 17 3:30 Pretlow 
  • Hogwarts School of Potions- October 18 4:00 Blyden
  • Halloween Bingo- October 18 4:00 Barron Black
  • Pumpkin Painting- October 21 2:00 Lafayette, 2-4 Jordan Newby, October 24 and Friday 27 Slover
  • Halloween at Slover October 24-31
  • Creature Feature-October 24 4:00-5:30
  • Candy Corn Science- October 25 4:00
  • Are you Afraid of the Dark?- October 26 6:00
  • Halloween Storytimes- October 26 10:30 Little Creek and October 30 11:00 Janaf
  • Frankel Friday- October 27 2:20 Slover
  • Monster Ball- October 27 6-10 (tweens and teens) 
  • Monster Tea Party- October 28 2:00 
  • Mystery Dinner Theater- October 30 4:00 (teens) 
  • Trick or Treat at the Library- Halloween, Lafayette, Pretlow, Jordan Newby, Barron F Black, Little Creek, Slover