Penguin's Snoballs and Bike Rides to the Park

Now that school has started for us teachers, it's harder to squeeze in as many adventures with R before bedtime. (Que the crying at summer being over and going back to work!) One thing that's great is bike rides because it's A. free and B. easy.
During the summer, we rode our bikes to Tarrallton Park, which is great. I'll post about it another time, but in short, there is both an area for little guys and another for bigger ones.  After playing and riding on the bike, we needed something special to cool off. Those hot days could only be quenched with... a snow cone. Not just any snow cone, but the cheap, perfectly soft iced, sugary Penguin's Snoball cones.
If you haven't been there yet, do yourself a favor and make it happen. I got R his own, but we should have just split one kiddie size. The kiddie is $2.00, tax included. You can get extra things like a gummy or a drizzle for an extra $.50. 

This place was so awesome that after we went there, I made my husband walk up with me again two days later because R (Read: I) wanted more. They have over 100 flavors on their board, and, if you look inside, they have even more daily specials. They also have mixes, kiddie favorites, and sugar free flavors on other boards. Most of the flavors look awesome, but I have yet to try the pickle. Maybe next time? It's an excuse for another visit.... ?