First Haircut at Pigtails and Crewcuts

This was quite the experience for R, but he needed a haircut badly. I didn't want to do it, but his bangs were hanging all in his face. I had heard that the wait time was a bear, and they don't take appointments so I was worried. We arrived early in the morning. Great news - there were two stylists and only one other child, so R was able to be helped right away. This place is perfect for kids. There are six work stations, four of which are cars, fire trucks, police cars, or planes and two are normal chairs for the bigger kids. (AKA too cool to sit in the cars, but still too scared to go to an adult salon.) 

While she worked fast and furiously on his hair, R scarfed animals cookies (or a lollipop if he'd rather, although with my kid it would end up IN his hair) and watched the DVD that was running. After the cut, R wandered over to the train track set and played while I settled the bill. He also got to pick a toy from the "Treasure Chest."

The normal price for a haircut is $17.95, but for $6 more ($23.95), you get a great little keepsake package. It's a 5 x 7 card with a picture of him in his "new do" and a lock of hair in a little baggie, with the date of the cut. She also gave me two other small baggies with hair for the two grandmothers! It's a great deal considering how much adult cuts are, and the fact that they get a snack and a picture. 

I also learned that they have a party room where kids can arrange cuts for them and their friends. There's the Princess Party and the Pirate Party. More details can be found on their website. This is a perfect spot for getting haircuts for kids. The Sprout is close by (a consignment shop for kids) and the YMCA is right next door with lots of activities and camps for kids.

Locations in Tidewater include Chesapeake at Towne Place, Newport News, and Virginia Beach at Hilltop. (We went to VB) There is also a location in Richmond. 

Prices from their website:
Kid’s Haircut: $17.95
Bang Cut: $5.95
Dad`s Cut: $18.95
Mom`s Cut: $20.95
First Haircut Package: $23.95
Shampoo: $4.95
Shampoo w/ Blow Dry: $9.90
Nail or Toe Polish: $5.95
Up-Dos: $15.95 & Up
Braids: $8.95 & Up

By the way, R didn't cry at all, but I might have a little writing this post. How is my little man SO big?!