Norfolk Public Library is AWESOME. We have spent the summer at several libraries and we have already decided that our goal next summer is to visit an event at every library branch. One of the classes that we went to weekly was Babygarten at the Little Creek Branch.

It's advertised as "a fun, rhythmic program for infants that develops phonological awareness, increases eye-hand coordination and encourages body awareness." That's a fancy way for saying that they sing songs, read a book, complete a craft, and have toy time. I like this class because the expectations are perfect for their age. If they don't want to pay attention, and instead they walk around the room, that's fine. The crafts are things that they can actually do. Think in-the-bag finger painting, making sensory bags, creating sponge toys for the bath... so on. I also like that every child gets to hold his/her own cardboard book rather than just looking at a book someone is holding. This class is free if you live in Norfolk. If not, don't worry! You can still purchase a Norfolk Public Library card for a minimal fee. As R gets older, we will transition to some of the other NPL classes. Their website has an endless selection of activities from which to choose. We are especially looking forward to their Halloween and Hanukkah activities coming up this fall/winter.

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Tuesday: Mary D. Pretlow Anchor Branch
Wednesday: Lafayette Branch, Little Creek Branch, Mary D. Pretlow Anchor Branch, Slover
Library, Janaf
Thursday: Park Place Branch
Friday: Slover Library
Saturday: Slover Library

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