Little Rockstars

Spring Break means that I get to check out some places that we normally don't get to hit. Side note- being a working mom is hard. I wish there were more weeknight/late afternoon things for toddlers. But, being that we were able to, we finally attended Little Rockstars with Miss Holly.  Holly started doing this when her son was little, without dating her... he is a teenager now! So she has lots of experience. The classes are for ages 0-5.
What stands out most about this toddler class are two things. First, it is held at the Fred Huette Center which overlooks beautiful gardens in Ghent. Second, unlike other baby music classes, Holly does some focusing on instruments themselves. An example is some of the songs focus on the sounds that drums, trumpets, violins, guitars, and so on make. I thought that was cool.
The session ends with the kids having a big tub of instruments to play with.
Some sad news for us, but great for her, Holly is going back to school full time, so she won't be doing Little Rockstars anymore. She is actually looking for a replacement, so if you play music and love little ones, this might be the perfect fit for you!
Let me be clear, yes... I know putting R in this onesie was corny. Yes, I did it anyway. This is the time we get to do that, before kids know enough to fight us!
We also got a C.D. from Holly to listen to at home. If you want to check it out, hurry and do it now. Tuesday mornings 10-11 at the Fred Huette Center. If you're interested in taking over the classes, you can check out her facebook here.