ISR Swim Lessons

A few summers ago one of my best friends went to a beach house in the OBX with her family. It was one of those moments where everyone thought that everyone else was watching the babies while taking trips in and out to unpack the car when a splash came from outside. Her son had fallen into the pool in a matter of seconds. He had taken ISR classes, and immediately rolled to his back and began to float. 
I didn't put my first born in ISR. It comes at a price, and it includes a heavy commitment. I was worried about hearing him cry, but after hearing the story about my friend's son, I knew that the cost of having a baby drown was much more than any other price, commitment issues, or hesitation. 

ISR begins at 6 months and lasts between 6 and 8 weeks. Children take lessons one on one with the instructor to learn how to roll on their backs, float, and breathe until help arrives. Locally taught by Dee, lessons take place five times a week for ten minutes each day. For information on lessons contact Dee at or visit 
Check out this video of my guy floating. I wont lie, at the beginning it can be hard to watch, but at the end of the day in comparison to losing my babe.. it's an easy choice.