Parent and Me Yoga

My Gym Virginia Beach is offering several new classes including ballet, karate, and parent and child yoga! I love this class because it is something that parents and kids can do together. So often places offer classes that are for kids, and while those serve their own purpose and they are great, I feel like I don't see my kid enough as it is because of work and school, so being able to do something together is really great for us. (It's also great if you aren't into this kind of thing and are ready to ship your kids off to all of the camps or classes. You do you! Parenting is hard. ) 


So here's the thing. I don't have great balance and have only ever done yoga one other time. It was on a beach in the Bahamas at seven in the morning. I was dragged there by my fitness loving best friend, and when the instructor told us that we were going to get sand and sweat in places that we didn't know existed, I knew I was in trouble. Yoga with my kid.... way better! The certified instructor did such a good job and blew my expectations away. In this class we acted out parts of Goldilocks and the Three Bears by finding "story pieces" around the gym which were labeled with yoga poses. So when Goldilocks sat in the three chairs, we did a chair pose. When she went to sleep in the bear's beds, we stretched our bodies while lying down. 

So, one class down and still not the most graceful or flexible... but we spent some time together one on one and got ice cream on the way home! This class runs Saturdays at 12:30 and is suggested for ages 2-4.