Nauticus: Adventure's On Deck

Nauticus has come up with some creative small group, social distance approved offerings for guests to enjoy.  I think the prices are really reasonable and the options varied for different ages. Tickets must be purchased in advance online. You must purchase a general admission ticket, which lets you enter the Battleship Wisconsin. You have four additional adventures you can purchase:
  • Sail Away Boat Excursion- Have a skipper take your group of four on a sailboat. -$50 per boat
  • Top of the World Battleship Tour-You get to explore the uppermost exterior command centers. $10 per adult or child
  • Behind the Scenes Aquarium Tour- This is the tour we took! $40 per group of 5
  • Underwater Robotics Challenge Course- Test your skills on this underwater challenge. $30 per group of 6. This looks really cool for elementary-middle school kids.
Our tour included a guided tour through Nauticus' aquariums in addition to their lab. Although we couldn't photograph, we saw some of their baby animals including sharks and how they mix, filter, and clean their tanks. 
On the tour you're able to touch animals from the touch tank. Fun fact: because there are ten hermit crabs, they put a little jewel on their backs to tell them apart. Masks are required, and there are hand sanitizing stations set up throughout! Also, Nauticus has a full restaurant and bar set up on the deck outside. Had we not had a ticking time bomb on our hands we would have stayed a drink!