Brock Center

We are so lucky in our area to have so many pockets of escapes into nature. The Brock Center, built by the Chesapeake bay Foundation is one of them. The center is located at Pleasure House Point in Virginia beach and is as amazing on the inside as the view is on the outside. The building produces 83% more energy than it uses and is the first building in the Untied States to capture and turn rainwater into drinking water. It has solar panels, wind turbines, wells, rain cisterns, waterless toilets, and natural landscaping.

Outside, the land is an underdeveloped waterfront home to beach, marsh, and maritime forest overlooking the Lynnhaven River. There are walking trails which go across shallow waters to allow anyone to splash in and lots of little critters to see. We saw baby turtles, snails, and some small fish. Maybe it was the weather, the fact that we have been stuck inside, or that no one had a tantrum, but we had an absolute perfect afternoon here!