Toddler Tuesday Tech Edition: Quivervision

Wow, wow, wow. You'll never go back to the old school coloring book. Quivervision is a mashup of your grandma's coloring and your future grandkid's technology. In your store, find the free app Quiver and let it download while you read this. By printing out one of their many coloring sheets, kids can turn their artwork into interactive 3d creations. Airplanes fly, dragons breathe fire, players kick soccer goals, and ballerinas dance. No special pens are needed, any pencil, marker, crayon, or paint works. The app works on both Android and iphones. There is a Crayola section with little kid appropriate options. The fire truck drives, you can move the ladder, and even shoot water across your dining room table.
Quiver Masks is their newest app which takes Quiver's augmented reality coloring pages and adds the technology of face tracking so that users can design their own masks. Both apps are free. Check it out!