Ice Block Chip

Since we are all looking for things to do at home, here is the easiest activity ever to do. You set it up the night before and forget about it. You can do it with what you've got at home too. 

Ice Block Smash
  1. Gather 5-6 small toys that can get wet and a container that can go in the freezer.
  2. Fill the container about a third of the way with water and add a few toys. Freeze.
  3. Once that is frozen, repeat with another layer of toys and water.
  4. Repeat and freeze again. This way you have the toys spread throughout the block
  5. Get outside with a hammer and chip, chip, chip away! You will get wet! 
A hint: if you are having trouble getting it out of your container, give it one quick hit to get it out. Enjoy!