Soergel Orchards

Businesses that have mastered the art of catering to young toddlers are few and far between, but Soergel Orchards near Pittsburgh, PA, is on the top of that list. Soergel has roots all the way back to 1850 when a German immigrant planted apple seeds and today it has grown into a huge operation. The business is still family run, and they have tons of family friendly events year round.
On the farm is a produce stand, a gift shop, a bakery and deli, a wine shop, cidery, ice cream shop, and garden center. We happened to walk into their every-Monday-at -10:30  story time, which traveled to their hay mazes afterward. On the property is a western themed play area and several animals to see, all for free. Wafting through the air was made-before-your-eyes kettle corn and baked goods also. Did I mention that they also had a large wooden train, and Raleigh didn't want to leave the engine?
We decided to take the boys here before climbing reluctantly into the car for the long drive home to wear them out, and it was an awesome choice. It tired RT out and let Ronnie have a little fresh air. When we had first headed to Pittsburgh, we left at night so the boys slept most of the way there. About 1:00 am, we decided that we couldn't do the same thing going home. We left around 11:00 and fought motion sickness most of the way back. RT threw up a total of five times on the way back. Not a spit up, not a little in a bag throw up... a full blown get everything out of the car and try to wipe it down vomit... and it just. kept. coming. So our 8 hour drive became a 12 hour vomit smelling long ride. I'm glad to be home, and airing out my new car from now until eternity.