Virginia Children's Festival

The Virginia Children's Festival is something that I've always wanted to take RT to, but I was honestly overwhelmed with the idea of it. I'll be honest; there were a lot of people... but also a lot to do, see, and eat. The festival costs only $5.00 to enter per person and is gated off, which I really liked for an event for kids. There was a good amount of security and staff working, which I feel is always worth a few bucks. There was a lot to do, even for little guys.
Some of the highlights were riding the train, watching the boats go by, and the toddler zone. This area had ball pits, trampolines, rocking horses, and lots of play cars and trucks. All around there were crafts to make, included in the cost of the admission. We also were able to catch parts of the constant shows on several stages. Kids could play bucket drums, touch and climb in trucks, or sit for one of the several story times happening around the park.

The festival stretched all the way from Nauticus to Waterside, full of over 100 vendors and areas to play. Buckets of legos, cartons of chalk, corn hole boards, and jenga blocks lined the pathways. The photo opportunities were also abundant for kids who will tolerate that; mine won't! Disney princesses, Storm Troopers, Pete the Cat, SuperWhy characters, and several super heroes were on the scene too.

The weather was perfect, the food was tasty, and we all came home and crashed for several hours after! This is a repeat event for us!
Trying to get this many kids in a picture volume 800....