Tunes for Tots

Every day is a good day to be at Botanical Gardens, but they have added another reason to be there on Tuesdays with their Tunes of Tots sessions. From 10-12 you can now join in a jam session in the WOW Children's Garden. Once you're in the garden, head behind the bathrooms and toward the hill. You'll come across a little shaded area where musical instruments have been set out. This isn't a formal class; come and go as you please, but be aware that it does start with a musical parade through the garden.
One of the things that we love about Botanical Gardens is that there is so much to do, and this addition just adds one more thing. If you need more ideas, check out our post on the Sand Pit, the Little Houses, the Butterfly House, the airplane overlook,  and of course, explore the WOW Garden. Of course, sometimes a good roll down the hill (or 30) makes all the difference too!