She Works Hard for the Mommy V. 8

Hi everyone! My name is Cayte and you may have seen me around this space a time or two. I’m the queen of my all boy household – mom to Harrison (3), William (10mo) and Stryker, our yellow lab (6.5).  My husband, DJ, is a retired baseball player turned Norfolk Sheriff’s Office Deputy that is currently going through the academy.  If you are a long-time follower of TAT, you may know that Allena and I grew up on the same court our entire life! It has been nothing short of amazing raising our boys together in the exact same neighborhood. 
Other than being a full time mom, I am also a full time employee at Norfolk Collegiate.  As the Alumni and Community Relations Manager, it is my responsibility to continue the outreach to our alumni through events as well as engage our community at gatherings throughout the year.  There is that little piece about asking for money, but that comes naturally if you engage the people in a way that makes the WANT to give! 
After graduating from Norfolk Collegiate, I went on to college at James Madison University and after working another job for one contracted year, I fell into my job at Norfolk Collegiate.  I’m getting ready to start my 7th school year and couldn’t be more excited to get going.  Some may think that the summer time is boring and slow at a school, and yes, that sometimes can be true.  However this is the time when everything gets planned for the upcoming year.  After having been out for the beginning of the year last year on maternity leave, I am so excited to get things planned for the fall semester at the school. What I love most about working at Collegiate is the fact that they are very family-focused.  Not just making family a priority for employees, but that we pride ourselves on providing that “family” feeling to all of our parents, students and alumni.
Let me be 100% honest with you right now.  Sometimes, when I go into work after dropping the kids off wherever they are going for the day, it’s a nice time for me to relax and focus on something other than taking care of the kids. Having kids is HARD! As parents, we are their SOLE providers.  And let's be real, I swear the word “daddy” is not in my child’s vocabulary when it comes to something he wants.  Having a full time job means weekends are that much sweeter, evenings are that much longer and middle of the night wake ups are that much more tiring!

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