Meal Tip Monday: May

Nourishing our bodies before and after working out is super important. This is a great chart from SELF magazine that gives sample recommendations for pre- and post-workout foods. And, it specifies what types of foods to eat based on the specific workout you're doing!

What do you use for fuel before and after working out? Other mamas weighed in.
  • Siggis yogurt 
  • Larabar 
  • My go to is 0% Greek yogurt, 1 tbsp peanut butter, and a clean granola (aka not crazy high in sugar). It’s BEYOND delish.
  • Granola Bread 
  • Before: depends (handful of almonds or banana w almond butter) after: plain Greek w berries or protein smoothie (oats, Pb powder, cherries, coco, flax milk, spinach)
  • A pot of coffee before AND after? I need to be better about the after snack because it usually gets claimed by the kids but before it two eggs with avocado and Everything But The Bagel seasoning early enough it’s not too heavy in my stomach
  • This is helpful. I try to get some oatmeal or half a bagel in before but after is where I'm slacking.
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