Home Ownership Blues

You might have been wondering why we haven't been out and about as much recently. Besides being super pregnant and it's being super hot, our world has been more than chaotic. In February, a house near my mom that we loved was bought by a flipper after being vacant for several years. We watched as a new roof was put on, new hvac was installed, and the whole house transformed.  New windows were put in, the house gutted, and plans seemed to unfold. We put in an offer on the house before it even went on the market and our offer was accepted. We were all set to move in during March. We put our house on the market and it sold in less than 48 hours. Everything seemed awesome!
Well...... the story is that the contractor lied to the owner of the house. They would tell us that they were there working when they were not. (I pass the house twice a day to pick up RT, plus we know all the neighbors who would report to us!) They promised us that the bathrooms were done, which you could see from the windows had not been started. Apparently shady sub contractors were hired then fired, and they broke back into the house and stole all of the materials. They swore the house would be done, but it was pushed back to mid April. Then the end of April. Then the end of May. Meanwhile, as we had sold our house, we needed to be out. So everything that we had went into storage, and we headed to my mom's for what we thought would be a short stay. When we packed, in February, we packed all of our summer clothes away- so here we are, June still in pants. Neil has slept on the couch for weeks and RT asks us constantly when we will be going to the new house. We love my mom, but three adults (one pregnant!), three dogs, and a toddler is a lot in a house.
The latest is that they will be done with the house on the 31st. Now I don't have the power to see into the future, but I would assume that things like floors and walls are needed to be done before moving into a house. They keep telling us that it will only be a little longer, but from March to June seems like a while to us.  When we first met the contractor, he told us how much he loved Chip and Joanna on HGTV. I can't help but think that, unless they had the entire HGTV crew, there is no way this house will be done by then. We have started looking into other options, but are really heartbroken about this house. I loved this house, but I can't keep waiting while they argue with each other and get nothing done. The issue now is that even with a normal 30 day closing, this baby will be here before we move. Our family has been uprooted, in transition, lied to, and now I'm full of anxiety and dread about a move. I thought this was going to be so exciting, buying our forever home, setting up a new nursery, nesting and getting a new house ready for this little man, but it's been nothing but stress and frustration.

Maybe I seem whiny. We are lucky that my mom has been letting us stay with her, and to be honest it's been great having dinner together every night. But... to be playing around with that kind of money and investment in addition to all of the stress of living with all of our stuff in storage is rough. We plan to back out of this contract, which is the only real legal action we can take and are protected by, and look for a new house. But with this comes the frustration of searching and bidding on houses again. Plus I'm sure whatever we find won't be as move in ready as the house we already put all of our time and effort into. I mostly am angry and feel bad for RT, who keeps asking to go to his home and sleep in his bed every night.
In the mean time, we threw together his very low key and laid back birthday party, and my family threw me a "sprinkle" to get ready for the new baby. The teachers at school were kind enough to throw me a shower there too. We have help from friends and family to help move our stuff into either storage, my mom's garage, or my mom's computer room. We are just hunkering down in the mean time, waiting for the baby to come, looking at new options, and trying to regroup. All we can do is make the best of the situation that we are in.