Silver and Gold

If you're a girl scout, you've likely heard the saying "make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver, the other is gold",  and while I have made some amazing and awesome life long friends since college, there is something special about knowing someone for your whole life. They have seen all of the awkward and embarrassing parts of growing up. They know the boys you crushed on, you've shared your fears and dreams, and in my case, got into some trouble. My friend Jessica and I have been friends since we were six months old. We went to the same babysitter, and then the same preschool. My family moved and we went to different elementary schools, but stayed friends and went to the same summer camps. (We won't talk about the time her mom locked the keys out of the car with it running in one of the camp parking lots when it was hot as hell outside!) I even had my first sleepover at her house at three and cried in the middle of the night causing my mom to come get me.  Lucky for us, we were back together for middle and high school, attending our first Warped Tour together, so many sleepovers, random trips to the mall and Busch Gardens, and having my dad pretend to be her legal guardian when he got a call from us and a police officer, which we will blame on THIS boy below- who happens to be a regular blog reader!

We were lucky enough to see each other get married, and she has been part of RT's life since the very beginning. Now, we are lucky enough to be pregnant together, and I'm getting to see her become a mama. RT and I spent the weekend in Raleigh, at Jessica's baby shower surrounded by friends who are near and dear to my heart- even if we don't see each other often. (If you missed our posts on Raleigh, check out our reviews of their awesome children's museum, Pullen Park, and their science museum. We repeated most of these stops this trip because we loved them so much!)

There is something so special about getting to see one of your forever friends grow into a mama. I've gotten to do this twice now, once for each pregnancy. My friend Cayte I've known since I was two, and her son and RT are buddies now. Having so many awesome mamas friends, new and old, has made my journey so much easier and so much fun. These are girls who know my family, my soul, my hopes and dreams, and to see us all project that into motherhood is something really special. 

My new friends are ones that I love dearly too. I'm so glad to have both the silver AND the gold. In my world, the best is when my village mixes all together.