Ride the Tide

What is there to do on a rainy day? Ride on a train of course! It's no secret that RT loves trains, and he always gets excited when the Tide goes by, but we had never actually ridden it. So we loaded up our raincoats and headed to a stop yesterday.
The Tide is 7.4 miles and connects from Newtown Road to EVMS. It stops at Harbor Park, Norfolk State, and the mall too. You can leave your car the stops, grab your tickets from the machine with cash or card and jump on. Kids don't need a ticket, and an adult single ride is $2.00. If you plan on get on and off, the all day pass of $4.50 might be the way to go for you. (As a note, there is no regular person or machine to take your tickets, but they regularly randomly ask passengers for their tickets and the fine is $250.00 a person. Spend the 2 bucks and grab a ticket!)

I know that Virginia Beach has been really against the Tide coming, but we loved it. I wish it went to the airport, ODU, and the navy base in Norfolk, but I would also love it to go to town center and the ocean front.
For the record, RT has asked me nonstop to go back to the train station. Even when I put him down last night, all he would say was that he wanted to ride the train again. Guess we will be back sooner rather than later!