Far Away Friday: Raleigh part 2

After leaving the Children's Museum, we headed to Pullen Park. This is the coolest park I've ever been to. It was built in 1887 and covers roughly 65 acres of land. It's got a community center, carousel, kiddie boats, paddle boats, and the most popular with R... a train! We parked, walked in, bought our tickets, got on the train, and it immediately started down pouring. We were already on the train, and soaked. The kind of soaked that makes your shoes squish and your pants stick to your legs. It was a major let down. We ended up having to go back the next day though because we saw that the park was so awesome.

The play areas are separated by age. There are areas specifically for preschool age, sand diggers, things to climb on, slides, and it looks like during the summer there is some water play. The train was obviously a huge hit, but the carousel was cool too. There was also a stationary train car to climb in. We didn't do the boats, but lots of kids were on them. The day that we were there they were having a scarecrow decorating contest up on the hill. I'd love to come back on a warmer day and rent some of the paddle boats.

We had lunch at Trophy Brewing. They are a brew pub with lots of fancy pizzas. We got a few different small pizzas to share and a greek salad. To our surprise, R ate all of the tomatoes, cucumbers, and even a few onions out of the salad on top of pizza. If it hadn't been raining, we could have sat outside but the inside was nice too, with a noise level that was appropriate to bring a toddler. The boys tried a few beers, one of which Neil has been talking about since!

This is a three part Far Away Friday about Raleigh. Check part one here!
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