Bayville Park & Taste Unlimited

Although I grew up not far from this park, I had no idea it was there. I was given the suggestion by a friend to check it out. It's close to shore drive and tucked back into the trees. There are picnic tables, tennis courts, walking trails, a dog park, a horseshoe pit, basketball court, softball field, volleyball courts, a disc golf course, bathrooms and a playground. 

My favorite things about this park- the shade and the spongy floor. The park itself is a dream for kids who like to climb. There is a mini rock climbing wall in addition to the typical playground items. There were lots of dogs in the dog park and lots of kids at the park.

Afterwards we went to Taste. If you've never been, it's part grocery store and part deli. We stopped for a midmorning bite of Gelato which was delicious. There is outdoor seating with room for kids to run around.