Jordan- Newby Anchor Branch at Broad Creek

We met up with some friends at Norfolk's newest library to spend some time out of the rain. Much like Norfolk's other anchor libraries, it has a playscape for ages three and under and a play area and computers for all kids. This library also has an outdoor area and an arts and crafts room. One thing that I appreciate is that they have two different heights of computer tables to separate the bigger kids from the little ones. 

Their classes for kids are as follows:
  • Babygarten: Thursday 10:30 ages 0-2
  • Toddler Time: Monday 10:30- ages 2-3
  • KinderSTEM: Sunday 1:00- ages 3-5
  • Build Bash, Maker Mash: Tuesday 2:00 School age 
  • Learning Edge: Monday 6:00- School age
A cool feature that I haven't seen before is the reading terrance. They also have meeting rooms and public computers. There are wifi devices available for checkout too (Norfolk residents only).  The library is open Sunday 12-5, Monday - Thursday 9-8, Friday 9-5, and Saturday 10-5. The best thing about Norfolk Public Library...library cards for Norfolk are available for anyone who lives in Virginia. I think it's awesome that they are willing to let anyone in who is ready to learn. So awesome.
If you haven't had time to check it out yet, be sure to stop by. The staff was friendly; it wasn't over crowded, and there was lots to do!