Fun Forest

Tucked back into the woods of Chesapeake City Park is Fun Forest, an awesome playground built by volunteers in the community and funded by sponsors. The park is separated into sections for older and younger kids, with swings surrounding it on the outside. The play structures for bigger kids are like winding mazes with things to climb on, swing down, move across, and dredge through. I love that there is a special toddler playground for ages 2-5, which is smaller but just as fun. It also fits the theme perfectly. There are hidden little play areas around the corners too, so be on the lookout for them.

Another awesome feature is that there is lots of handicapped accessible spaces too. There is also a large sand pit, where a very kind man who brought construction vehicles shared with us.

Totally covered in sand! 

Another positive is that almost the entire park is covered with shade. For some reason, so many parks around here are in full sun. Here's the absolute best part though... there is one way in, and one way out. The park has a fence surrounding it and people have to walk through one gate to come and go. We live in a crazy world, and it makes me feel a little safer than at some other parks.
We met some friends and packed a lunch. Right outside the gate are bathrooms, water fountains, and several covered picnic tables. I can't wait to come back once it's cooler and the leaves start turning!

Side note, could I be any more obsessed with this new record? SO GOOD!