MOCA stands for the Museum of Contemporary Art, but I really don't fully know what contemporary art is. I know that it is thought provoking. I know that it can be anything from toothbrushes, to photographs, to painting, to aquariums, because we saw all of those things there. But what is it? I don't know.

I know that this month, the Museum of Contemporary Art is free with a zoo membership, so we decided to check it out. A heads up, one of the first things that they tell you is that in order to protect the art, there is no touching. Keep that in mind if you've got a little one who likes to touch. There are free ipod audio tours if you're so inclined.

The first section is the fleming gallery which is a collection of work with lots of pets. We talked with R about the sounds that the animals made. Inside this section is a small classroom where they were holding camps and sometimes do art classes for kids.

The next section was the Inka Essenhigh exhibit. This was my mom's favorite. We talked about different animals and colors that we saw in her work with R as we walked. The third was the New Waves section. Keep an eye out for the video work on motherhood. The next was the Art Lab. The Art Lab is a section for families to create art. There is also a reading corner. We continued into a room with a Chihuly chandelier and several seats which R loved to push around.  We then entered a movie theater which had rotating movies. The one was saw was animated and was a video of a man consuming art. I thinkkkkkk it was about how you have to experience art and have emotions in art in order for art to be art?

Advertised Classes for Kids (Call before you go, some may not be running over the summer)

  • First Art: Ages 2-5 Most Tuesdays from 10-11
  • Pre-K Art Day: Ages 3-5 Second Thursday from 10-11
  • Second Saturdays Ages 2-5 Most second Saturdays from 10-11
We spent about 45 minutes at the museum in all. I'd go back to try out one of their art classes and let R play for a few minutes in the Art Lab, but I think that the zoo membership swap is the perfect time to try it out and see what you think. We love this swap because it lets us check out so many places!