Toddler Tuesday: ROCKabye Baby Shower

One of the things I've been asked about posting is my baby shower, and having attended one for a friend recently, I've been thinking back to my own. I'm not going to lie; my family probably went a little bit overboard. We had over 70 people there, and it was "rockin" from start to finish. The theme was "Rockabye baby," which fits our family asthetic perfectly. We were lucky to have friends who were members of the Chesapeake Athletic Club, and they allowed us to host the party there at no cost to us. (We did make a donation, however.)

For decorations we had diaper cakes, a string of rock n' roll onesies, cut outs of stars and guitars, and a series of vinyl.  Because my friend Chelsea is awesome at photobooths, she set up a rock star inspired one.

We had enough food to feed an army (and we kinda did) and quite a few different drinks. I always wonder if it is taboo to serve alcohol at a baby shower, but it's fun for the guests too.

Because we had so many people there, we just did the game with the "water breaking" and had a scrapbook for people to sign, but other than that we didn't play a lot of games. We did have a diaper raffle which I just used the last diaper from this week, and they lasted for two years.
I love any reason to get my friends and family together. We had also previously done a smaller gender reveal brunch for immediate family where our "only here for the sex" cake showed us that R was a boy. I was SURE he was a girl, and wasn't ready, but now I can't imagine anything else. I'm certainly lucky to have so many people who wanted to celebrate, and lucky to have had so many of them there. I remember feeling so happy, full of love, and grateful to have so many people there. We are still using so many of the gifts that we were given, but more importantly I know how many of our village loves R and cares about him. They showed that even before he was born and they continue to show up over and over again to just watch him grow.