Father's Day Without a Father

I've been anticipating (dreading) this day for months. This weekend I was in Old Navy trying on clothes listening to two girls talk about what a pain Father's Day was. They had to stop their lives for a day and spend time with their dads. They never knew what to talk about. Their dads were boring. Poor them, right? They must not know how lucky they are to still have their dads. I left pissed off. 

(Father's Day 2016)
I'll be honest and say that until today, I shamefully hadn't been to the cemetery since my dad died. I never know what to do when I go. It's awkward for me. Some people feel connected at a cemetery. Others talk to their loved ones. I feel connected by doing things he loved, listening to songs he liked, and seeing people he cared about. So this Father's Day, we did the most "my dad" thing that there could be. We went to a Tides game, and we played catch on the field before hand. 

Neil's parents came too, and while we ate dinner at The Hits, R watched the boats outside. Looks to me like the ferry will be an adventure soon.

I want to thank all of the people who reached out to me this year for Father's Day. It's always nice to know that I have my village of people behind me. If you haven't already reached out to your dad, do so, because you never know how much time you'll have. If you haven't reached out to your friend without a dad, send them a message too. Today is wonderful and full of memories, but also hard for many. I hope everyone enjoyed their day with all their dads, step dads, granddads, and dad to be's. Squeeze them extra tight tonight.