Join the Crew! R is TWO!

Kids' birthday parties are awesome and a lot of work. I don't know how I would do it without my friends and family who helped us set up and take down. Seriously- y'all rock. I found that I didn't snap many pictures of the actual people because we were too busy swimming, playing, riding, or splashing. We had several of his friends over for a pool party, and we set up the water table and kiddie pool because between the three, kids are captivated.
While I'll never be a pintrest mom, we did have a theme. We did construction trucks, which was easy because we have so many. The only problem was the boys kept taking them off the table. We had the chips in a dump truck, and then the chips were dumped. I guess that's what we get.

We really tried to scale it back this year, but the boy has a lot of friends and family. I guess that's like we tried to scale back our wedding and we had 200 people. Whoops. We asked for experiences this year, and we got some good ones! Chick-fil-A cards, Penguin's Snowballs cards, and passes for FunVille and Hooray. 

But sometimes even at your own party, your friends take their turns on your gifts and you can't handle it. You've gotta take a break, read your book, or go fishing with gramps to calm down. It's my party, I'll cry if I want to!