Room Tour

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I've been asked to do a tour of R's room. It's a tiny room, and we have a lot of stuff crammed in there, but it's cool and totally fits with our house. Our house is covered in band posters, so we carried that theme into the nursery. Also like the rest of the house, most of these items were hand me downs. Sure, it means nothing matches, but I like the idea of having my grandmother's dresser, my grandfather's chair, and a friend's bookshelf in there. It makes me feel like my loved ones are involved in R's life even if they are no longer with us. 
This is one of my favorite parts of his room. We used both my cousin's and Neil's skateboards and made shelves from them. The rock on sign lights up. The Hungry Caterpillar sign was made from sea glass by Neil's aunt, and the dream big sign is from Neil's godmother. The baseball glove was mine, and we found out that my father kept it all these years. The picture of the three of us a friend from high school made me. The picture of my pregnant belly was a gift from coworkers. That year for teacher appreciation we had a western theme, complete with a Photo Booth. They framed this for me. The little metal football is a piggy bank engraved with his name from a friend. 
We threw this small bookshelf into the closet. On top holds bins of socks, shoes, and things like baby clippers and brushes. In the red and blue bins we store blankets, pants, and shorts. Bottom shelf is books. The top shelf holds beach items and the rainy day box. Friends from school gave us this coat rack which we pile coats and hats on.
We have a changing pad on top of my grandma's dresser with these awesome hooks. The changing pad was easier than a table because we needed the dresser space anyway. We also have the humidifier and sound machine here. In the dresser we put clothes that he hasn't grown into yet, sheets, and diapers. 
No rock n roll nursery is complete without a guitar. This one came from our friend Joe.
Guitar sheets sit below a framed Bayside poster. The onesie in the frame was the first one that R ever wore in the hospital (sobs!). It was signed by the members of the band at a show afterwards. The quilt was made by a friend. We have another small bookshelf at the end that holds a few toys, mostly trucks. 
That's it! Simple, but sweet. It's cozy and fits our needs!