Toddler Tuesday: Links Edition

Did you know? There was an even darker ending to Toy Story 3 Originally.- Eshhhh and this is a kid's movie?! Breaking my heart! 

13 Fun Activities to Keep Your Toddler Busy- rainy days, cold days, hot days, all the days.

Toddler Tries to "Save" Sister in Wresting Match- this is too cute, check it out's List of Best Books for Toddlers- some of my favorites are on here. I've used Sheep in a Jeep for older kids in lessons about force and motion too!

Daily Toy Rotation Boxes- maybe a good idea if you need to keep your toddler is bored with some of their toys.

And a few other links:

Apple to Phase out iTunes Music Downloads - very interesting. This could mean a lot of changes of how we listen to music. As it is, most music is leased on streaming services rather than owned. Artists seem to be making less and less from their music.

VA Beach Navy wife, mother qualifies for 2020 Olympic trials, proving that moms are awesome. 

This looks lovely. It's a Hot Chocolate Bar Party. It's cold outside, so it is the perfect time.