The Strongest People I Know

Let me start by saying this. I love my husband. He is a great dad. We are a true team. With all of that being said, I have to give a shout out to the people in my life (besides Neil) who have really helped keep me afloat the past four months. Since finding out my dad was sick, it's been a community of strong women who have taken care of my mom and me.
(R wasn't into being put down by someone else so much LOL)
The cleaning of our house, the cooking of meals, the meal train... all set up by women. The shifts of watching R. The emotional middle of the night phone calls and texts, the snap chats, and the taking me out and trying to distract me, all women. Even the cards flooding my mailbox. It's been overwhelmingly women. A pillar of strong women, supporting my family, supporting me.
Women are strong y'all. My students will talk about what girls can and can't do. Girls can't play football at recess. Girls aren't scientists. Girls aren't inventors. You know what girls are? Anyone they want to be. Again...anything they freaking want to be. Girls grow and make PEOPLE y'all. They make people! Working moms wake up, they get kids ready, they work all day, then they take care of their kids again. On top of all of this, we take care of one another. We care enough to take what little time we have to ourselves in the day and spend it on one another. We send the text, make the call, and deliver the meal.
Simply put, this is just a post to remind women, we are awesome. It's also to thank those who have been there for me recently. Thank you for keeping me afloat. Thank you for checking in on my mom. Thank you for continuing to make sure I'm okay. Thank you, thank you, thank you. All the things mean the world to me.