On Saturday morning we checked out a demo class of Zumbini with Mrs. Wendy. The Zumbini theme is "happy hour for you and your baby!" and that's just what it was. It's a program for kids 0-4 that uses music and dance to create some fun.

The class involves several songs. For some you clap, some you dance, in one we were a monkey, alligator, tiger, and lizard. They used drums and other instruments. We shook scarves all around. Wendy, the instructor, has taught Zumbini since 2013 and is also a pediatric physical therapist for Virginia Beach Schools. I felt like she really understood kids and had a passion for teaching this class. I was super impressed that she remembered every kid's name for the welcome and goodbye songs. That's a feat in itself. R is what Wendy called an "explorer," meaning that he isn't always the best at following the group and instead wanted to run around and well... explore. Because of the nature of the class, that was fine. She told us in the beginning that kids will have a wide range of following the class, but that it was okay. As long as they were safe and having fun, things were all good. 
The class is $165 for nine sessions. If you enroll in the class, there is a song book that goes home with you and you get a code for the Zumbini app. When you pay for a session, you'll be able to play the songs from that session on your phone. Each session has about 20 songs. The repetition helps with carryover and learning in the developmental areas.

I also like that the cap for the class is 12 children, so it isn't too overwhelming. Wendy does allow you to try a class upon request before signing up. Her email is wbjkidpt@gmail.com, or you can call 757-268-2604. Classes are at the Virginia Beach School of Rock Thursdays 11:00-11:45, Friday 9:30-10:15, and Saturdays 9:00-9:45 at Oceanfront Yoga. There are promo codes, sibling discounts, and other demos, so keep your eyes open.  
According to their website, they even have a TV show on BabyFirst TV called Zumbinitime. It is on weekdays and Sundays at 10:30, 3:00, and 6:30. On Saturdays it comes on 7:30, 1:30, and 9:30. It's also on Youtube. There is also a Zumbini app that has music and videos on it. 
When we went to the Oceanfront location, we spotted this art across the street. It's part of the ViBe works. (VIrginia BEach) Pretty cool, and worth checking out if you're over there.