TreeWalk Adventure: Hunt Club Farm

I'm so excited to share that Hunt Club Farm has added an entire new section, a Tree Walk Adventure, to its list of attractions! The Tree Walk is built up of different kinds of ramps, rock walls, an array of bridges, tunnels, slides, fireman chutes, and more to let you walk from tree house to tree house. 

The bridges range from bounces and waves to ropes or boards, all enclosed by netting. Some take you over trees, others over the pond below. 
The best part about this was that we ALL had fun. In our group we ranged from babies to grandparents. Everyone was able to do some portion of the walk and everyone was laughing and having fun. The walk can be as hard or as easy as you make it depending on which way you go. Even the adults were using the slides! 
The Tree Walk officially opens this Sunday and every day from then until November 1st, the Harvest Fair brings family farm fun to all. Monday through Friday the pumpkin patch and farm market are open in addition to the TreeWalk Adventure and petting farm. Hayrides are available from 10-5. On the weekend they add a DJ with music and games and food and novelty stands at the market. Pony rides, feed cups, and bird sticks are available for an additional cost. 
If you're coming without the kids, the Haunted Hunt Club Farm offers fields of scares. We didn't do this since we had our gang with us, but we saw them practicing. I'm a baby when it comes to things jumping out at me, and I could see the Village Of The Dead from where we were. Other sections include the Towne of Terror, and the Field of Screams. Tickets to everything must be bought in advance. 
The new pricing for the farm will include both the petting zoo and the TreeWalk Adventure. Be sure to stop by and say hello to the animals on your way over!